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Eves By You Women’s Empowerment Group

Eves By You Women’s Empowerment Group was established for women of all ages. Our mission is to assist women in being able to experience the benefits of Heaven on Earth. We work towards helping each woman achieve this goal. During our meetings we discuss various topics and provide Biblical references to promote spiritual cleansing and healing. 
We provide a nonjudgmental and safe environment that allows women to discuss their burdens, challenges, and how to overcome them. We encourage our women to elevate in God’s Kingdom and rise up to His call so that the blessings can flow throughout their lives.
From the beginnings of time the woman was given a huge responsibility from God himself. She would be the light of the family and play a key role in family developments. Eve was the first woman ever created. She set the tone for all generations to come and created the very beginning of women’s history. She caused the ultimate deception by eating the forbidden fruit. This caused God to curse the woman forever. At Eves By You we dig into the history of the woman and find the root cause to our issue she so we can overcome them.